When vacancies are available, applications for the Statesboro Police Department can be found at or Statesboro City Hall. Applicants may be placed on an eligibility list for up to 6 months.

  1. Ability to read, write and perform basic mathematical calculations at a level commonly associated with the completion of high school or equivalent.
  2. No experience requirements.
  3. Possession of or ability to readily obtain a valid driver’s license issued by the State of Georgia for the type of vehicle or equipment operated.
  4. Ability to meet current requirements set forth in the Georgia Mandate Law Enforcement Training Act/Peace Officer’s Standards and Training Act.

The Statesboro Police Department has a duty to conduct a thorough background investigation on each applicant. This investigation includes:

• The applicant’s work history
• The applicant’s criminal and driver’s history
• Professional, personal, and neighborhood references
• The applicant’s management of personal finances
• A polygraph examination


The following standards have been set to ensure that new officers will not dishonor or cause distrust for the Statesboro Police Department. Any applicant that meets any of the following standards may be immediately disqualified from employment:

1. Any attempt to misrepresent or conceal information
2. Any felony conviction or family violence conviction
3. Significant misdemeanor convictions
4. Unfavorable driving history
5. Recent illegal drug use
6. Any habitual use of any illegal drugs in the past 3 years
7. Any use of psychedelic drugs in lifetime
8. Any tattoo, brand, body art, or body modification that is deemed unprofessional, obscene, or offensive regardless of location on the body. Approved tattoos can be visible, but no tattoo, brand, body art, or body modification can be visible on the face, neck, or head. Earrings or equipment for a medical necessity may be approved at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

Patrol officers are assigned to a zone to detect and deter criminal activity and enforce various laws and ordinances

Responds to calls relayed by communications officers, including domestic disputes, assaults, burglaries, traffic accidents, lost or missing persons searches, public service duties, stranded motorists, and others.

Conducts preliminary investigations into traffic accidents, crimes, and other incidents, including interviewing victims, complainants and witnesses, gathering information and evidence, securing crime scenes, and performs basic crime scene processing.

Apprehends, arrests, and processes offenders, including fugitives; summons witnesses.

Transports prisoners.

Provides assistance and backup support to other officers and emergency service providers as necessary.

Provides first aid and CPR to victims as necessary and assists motorists.

Provides traffic direction and escort services as needed for events such as parades, funerals, ball games, and school crossings.

Testifies in judicial proceedings as necessary.

Completes all required reports and forms, including accident and incident reports.

Inspects and maintains an assigned patrol car, uniform, and equipment.

Prepares and serves criminal warrants.

May assist in training new officers.

Attends ongoing training classes as required.

Performs Bailiff duties for Municipal Court.

Performs other related duties as assigned including but not limited special events, extra duties, and emergency situations.

The Communications Officer receives calls for assistance from the public and dispatches appropriate public safety personnel while maintaining a variety of departmental records.


  • Receives, monitors, and dispatches radio communications traffic for emergency and non-emergency situations;
  • Receives and screens all incoming telephone calls from the public and other public safety agencies;
  • Maintains a continuous log of incoming telephone and radio calls;
  • Maintains cross-training in order to assist in the Records Unit;
  • Monitors and routes incoming messages from state computer network;
  • Processes information as requested in the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) network, including information on missing persons or stolen articles;
  • Receives cash bonds;
  • Assists officers by using the GCIC computer to run criminal and license histories;
  • Communicates with other area agencies to obtain and relay information.

We provide state of the art equipment in order for our officers to be successful in their duties. That includes:

• Uniforms, boots, etc.
• Duty belt with Glock 17 with weapon light, Taser X2, baton, OC Spray, Radio, and handcuffs
• Patrol rifle

All Patrol Cars are equipped with:

• Mobile Data Terminal
• Driver’s License Reader
• Citation Printer
• Some have License Plate Readers

Officers who have completed the initial phases of field training receive a take home vehicle if they reside with 25 miles of the Statesboro Police Department.

• The Statesboro Police Department has an innovative work schedule that includes monthly training for all officers.

• Officers are given the opportunity to have at least 96 hours of in-house training through the monthly training days as well as opportunities to attend outside training that is relevant to their assigned job duties.

• The monthly training takes place in the department’s roll call room, the Statesboro-Bulloch County Law Enforcement Training Center, and other venues relevant to that month’s training. We utilize a state of the art Meggitt Training Systems Simulator, a modern firing range with moving targets, and other scenario based techniques to provide realistic and relevant training.

• In addition to the monthly training, we help and encourage our officers to achieve career development certifications such as Intermediate, Advanced, and Supervision.

1) Preparation Prepare yourself for each stage of the hiring process. Candidates who have prepared themselves always perform at a much higher level.

2) Follow Instructions Attention to detail is a much valued quality in a candidate. Inability to follow written and verbal instructions throughout the hiring process can result in disqualification

3) Honesty Be completely truthful throughout the hiring process. Nobody is perfect, but we expect everyone to be honest. Being dishonest at any step of the hiring process WILL result in being disqualified from the hiring process.

4) Communication skills Oral and written communication skills are vital in a law enforcement career. Researching and practicing professional communication skills prior to beginning the hiring process is recommended. Show us that you have command presence and carry yourself with confidence. Look Sharp, Act Sharp, Be Sharp.

5) Knowledge of the Statesboro Police Department and the position One of the best ways to show that you are serious about a career with the Statesboro Police Department is to educate yourself about our agency and the duties and demands of being a police officer. You can find information on our website, talk to our officers, other police officers, or even do a ride-a- long with one of our officers.

6) Be Punctual Develop a habit of arriving early for all scheduled events in the hiring process. Excellent time management is a very desirable skill for a potential employee.

7) Professional business attire You will never get a second chance to make a first impression. You should dress and groom professionally during any interview.

8) Candor and Sincerity Demonstrate sincerity, candor, integrity, conviction, and honesty. Avoid giving canned responses during interviews. We know what the #1 Top Rated Interview Responses are on the internet. We want to get to know who you are, how you think, and what your values are.

9) Know yourself. Know why you want to start a career with the Statesboro Police Department. Know how your background, skill sets, and abilities will help you be successful. We will want to know what you can bring to our team.

10) Be an active listener. Listen carefully to questions that are asked and think before you respond. It is ok to take a second to formulate a thoughtful, concise answer.

• Starting pay for Police Officers is $45,801.60 + Up to 15% in Pay and Education Incentives
• Additional pay is given for bachelor degrees, law enforcement experience, and military experience

• Take home car if you reside within 25 miles of the Statesboro Police Department
• Innovative schedule that incorporates:

• Monthly training
• 40 hour work week
• Overtime after 40 hours each week

• Incentive pay for SWAT and K9
• Benefits Include:

• City Health and Wellness Clinic
• Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance available
• Retirement Plan plus 457(b) available
• Health Spending Account
• Life Insurance, short and long term disability plans
• Free Peace Officers Association of Georgia Membership

• 24hour City Gym


• Application

• Completed online at

• Selected applicants are emailed a background packet to be completed and turned in

• Eligible candidates are invited to a series of interviews

• Top sworn candidates go through a background investigation that includes a polygraph examination

• All candidates with backgrounds of good moral character and integrity will proceed to medical and psychological evaluations

• Successful candidates are given hire dates and begin training

• Application

• Completed online at

• Selected applicants are emailed a background packet to be completed and turned in

• Eligible candidates are invited to a series of interviews

• Top sworn candidates go through a background investigation that includes a polygraph examination

• All candidates with backgrounds of good moral character and integrity will proceed to medical and psychological evaluations

• Successful candidates are given hire dates and begin training

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